7 Tips For a Successful Tinder Dating Experience

How to meet more girls and have more matches on Tinder, the dating app is redefining love and shaking up the dating world.

How to make your Tinder profile stands out, and make every match you make turns into a real life date, learn the basics to maximize your chances on Tinder, and on dating sites in general!

You met some girl online and you matched on Tinder, and now, what should you do to seduce her?

1- The first step, the first words

It’s up to you to start the conversation! We could expect a change in mentalities, think that girls might find the courage to initiate the conversation but it is not, it’s always up to you to take the first step, 80% (based on on a very personal study).

Some girls will take the first step with a little “Hi! The others will wait until you throw yourself in the water. At the boarding!

2- Hi, How Are You?

No, Hi, How Are You is not going to cut it! Dig deeper inside your head for your first message! This is one of the big questions we always ask ourselves when we come to a dating site, “What do I say? ”

Today, you can start a conversation as you see fit. The main thing is to make sure that the girl you are writing to feels a little unique. No ‘Hi, How Are You? “Stupid, no” Hello Miss “that you could copy and paste for hours.

Make her a relevant remark on her name, her photos, her “likes” in common, find something original to start the conversation!

3- Messages: find the right mix

You write to her, she answers you. You answer her. Two or three hours pass without her answering. And there you lose your coolness. Message 2, message 3, message 4, you start telling your life.

Warning! If it does not answer two of your messages, it is because you have probably already fallen into oblivion. Not easy to stand out on Tinder when she talks with 3 or 4 or 10 guys at a time. well unless you have a Tinder Gold account which enables you to choose with whom you would like to talk, and gives you a bigger advantage than the rest of the competition.

The only thing to remember: go easy on the messages when you see that she does not answer, otherwise she will tell all her girlfriends that there is a guy who harass her on Tinder before blocking you …

4- Q & A: The right ping-pong

The art of conversation is already very complicated. Ask questions, answer them, do not over monopolize the speech: not easy to dose her interventions in a conversation, especially when we have fun and we want to talk!

The advantage of dating online is that you will quickly see if the girl in front of you is involved as much as you.

Is she asking questions? Is she interested in you? Do her answers make a single line where you’re used to writing cobblestones?

If you realize an imbalance too obvious, lift your foot, and go to the next step.

5- The progression

The purpose of the conversation is to get information about the girl you like in the photo. To know if you share common interests, to know if you would be compatible for a vacation together or a weekend (does it prefer a cultural weekend, sporting, idleness?) Etc …

The goal: do not waste time going to an appointment doomed to failure!

It’s up to you to ask the questions that seem important to you. This part of the conversation should make her want to meet you in real life! This will be called the transition!

6- Switch from virtual to real life meeting

We talk about dating site like Tinder or geolocated dating apps, so do not lose sight of their goal: to meet people in real life!

What’s the good of staying hours and hours online? It does not lead to anything, it is very hard to maintain the entire sexual tension and mystery for weeks online.

Advice from your coach: when I use this kind of app, I try to spend as little time as possible. “Come on, we’ll see each other, it’ll be more fun than typing on our keyboards! ”

To find out if it’s the right time to suggest an appointment, read the article “How to go from virtual to real”

When you agree to see you, I recommend you to text, to leave Tinder. It will force you to focus on it, and maybe she too will be tempted to look less at the app … and your competitors.

7- Tonight is the big night!

Once you have her phone number or Facebook, even more intimate, you can then set an appointment.

You obviously know how to surprise her on the first date: find original ideas!

Be careful not to crack at the last moment by sending a salvo of needy messages:

” Can not wait to see you ! See you tonight ! Have a good day ! ”
“See you later, good afternoon! ”
“Do not forget, it’s two o’clock at Cafe XXX …”
“YOLO I’m here! ”

I advise you to make it simple, a single message two hours before, for example, with a little self-deprecation:

“See you later at Cafe XXX, I’ll wear a red shirt pretending I do not have the jitters …”