How to Meet the Guy of Your Dreams

To meet the man of his life or at least a cool guy, it is necessary to put in good dispositions. Start by loving yourself, having confidence in yourself and especially realize that our next conquest will be very lucky to have us. So we leave aside his old habits and we stop looking for Prince Charming!
Be ready for serious dating

Love yourself before being loved

Before embarking on the seduction phase, it is necessary to make a point about oneself. Why do you want to be in a relationship?

If the answer is: to fill a void or not have to solve his personal problems, it is better to reconsider his priorities.

Indeed, to meet someone good, you must first feel good about yourself. Otherwise, we risk falling on narcissistic perverts, stories with no tomorrow and heartaches.

People who have confidence in themselves, who know each other, have a positive image. We naturally want to go to them, to seduce them.

Be yourself

Another advice, become aware of what you are worth and stop to devalue or to pass for someone you are not.

We know, nobody is perfect. Neither you, nor me, nor our crush of the moment. If, for example, he begins to speak of an unknown philosopher to the battalion, he is asked for some precisions.

On the one hand, he will be delighted to enlighten our lantern, on the other we recognize with humility that we do not have the infused science.

Next time, it may be his turn not to know the author of the great book we are reading.

Nothing is more attractive than a spontaneous person, who does not try to convince the other of its value. If he is not able to realize how awesome we are, let’s go our way.

Take initiatives and accept the proposals

Seeking love is also taking risks. If we do not motivate ourselves to go out, to seize opportunities, how can we hope to change the situation?

Even if we are usually nesting, we move a little. We accept pots with colleagues, openings, dinners … All places where we are likely to meet a man.

As far as reasonable of course. Each outing should not necessarily become an opportunity to meet someone.
Do not look for the man of his life at all costs

Each outing should not become an excuse to find love

The problem when you’re single for a while is that you start making movies quickly.

Like for example a simple drink between girlfriends. We imagine sitting in a bar, a few tables away, a charming man glances us …

While in reality we are still not from home and we choose his outfit based on an imaginary guy.

Arrival at the bar, we only think about that fateful moment when he will make his appearance. Of course, this moment never comes.

Result, we did not really enjoy his girlfriends and we left disappointed this evening that had no relation to the base with dating.

So everything in its time! Being single or looking for love does not mean being desperate.

Do not be too demanding

In trying to find the ideal man, one ends up staying mostly alone. Yes, we would all like him to be handsome, intelligent, cultured, funny, kind, but also bad boy, that he does not snore …

But on our side we do not meet all the criteria and defects, we have! So we stop setting the bar too high and limit ourselves to one style of man.

And above all, we look around us. Our best friend who dreamed a few years ago of a dark brown man in the Mediterranean style is married to a blonde with blue eyes Norman. And she is very happy!

Take your time

It is understood, there is no point in forcing the destiny to fall in love. “It will fall on you when you least expect it. ”

Oh yes, we hate this sentence and we look up at the sky with a disillusioned air just by hearing it.

But finally, it sums up the situation well: to leave time to time. So when we finally found the rare pearl, we will know how to handle this beginning of relationship.

Because, when we are in our skin and we know where we want to go, everything is generally good.